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Farmers are core to Matix. We have developed a comprehensive farm advisory service for them to improve their agricultural returns and profitability through consultations, training, and the application of the latest farming practices.

We consistently engage with them through regular activities organised in the states where our company is present.

These activities include farmers’ meetings, training programmes, and participation in farmers’ fairs, among others.

Cultivating connections, empowering farmers

We are committed to enhancing agricultural outcomes and improving the lives of the farmers. That is why we go beyond providing products to fostering strong relations and providing support. Through extensive engagement and training initiatives, we empower them to enhance productivity and address diverse farm challenges, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.

Strengthening relations with the farming community

We serve the farming community by fostering healthy relationships through engagement at events and village-level outreach programmes.

Collaborating closely with dealers/retailers, especially those affiliated with Pradhan Mantri Krishi Samriddhi Kendra (PMKSK), we have linked farmers with PMKSK centres with the active participation of our area and territory managers (AMs/TMs). These engagements effectively address farmers’ concerns along with showcasing our products and services, helping build trust and loyalty and demonstrating our commitment to their success.

We are focused on understanding and addressing their field related problems such as – current crops, cropping patterns, pests, diseases, and soil health. Our advisory services are tailored to educate them on optimal usage of agri inputs and connecting them to farm services. We strive to educate them about balanced crop nutrition, disease and pest prevention, and beneficial government schemes

*Spot Farmers' Meeting

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Farmers' Meeting

Empowerment through Farmers Training

The Farmers Training Programmes are vital to our commitment to empowering farmers with knowledge and resources, playing a pivotal role in educating farmers, promoting our brand, and contributing to the agricultural sector’s growth.

Conducted across villages, PMKSK centres, mandis, and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), it engages diverse participants including agriculture experts (KVK scientists/subject matter specialists), managers, retailers, dealers and farmers.

Through these sessions, our team gathers insights on the farmers’ field-related problems and provides relevant solutions. They are also updated on the latest developments and farming techniques and tools for enhancing farm productivity and yield along with practical demonstrations and expert guidance for adoption. These initiatives help in building stronger relationships with the agricultural community and establish Matix as a trusted partner.

Farmer training programme*

*to date

Catalysing agricultural transformation with crop demonstration

Our crop demonstration initiative aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern farming techniques, focused on boosting crop yields and showcasing the benefits of specific products and agronomy practices.

The effort includes selecting a demo field and inviting farmers for product briefing, its application and stagewise description.

They are encouraged to visit this field later to witness the remarkable difference in yield, physical appearance, and superior quality of harvests, which can enable access to premium markets and higher prices for produce. The programme thus empowers farmers to embrace modern agricultural practices, enhance income and secure the future of agriculture.