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Matix is a leading manufacturer of urea in the eastern region. We also co-market and trade several other crop-nutrients.

Our fully integrated 1.27 MTPA gas-based plant for producing urea, one of the largest single-stream -fertilizer facilities in India, is located near Durgapur at Panagarh Industrial Park, West Bengal. The plant has consistently operated at above full capacity within a short time of commencing operations.

Reliable supply channels and established marketing network have helped Matix position itself as a leader in this segment, with a 20% market share in the eastern region. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction makes our urea a preferred product.


Urea is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer with 46% nitrogen. It can be used for all types of crops and soils.


Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) is a phosphorus fertilizer. Its high nutrient content and excellent physical properties make it a popular choice in farming.


NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, primary nutrients required by plants need to grow.


Muriate of Potash (MOP) fertiliser contains a high source of potassium. It is essential for plant growth and plays a vital role in the production of proteins and sugars.

Dr. Fasal Crop Nutrition products

Bio enzyme granules made from organic Ascophyllum Nodosum / seaweed extract; rich in macro-nutrients for significantly increased crop yields.

Mycorrhizal Biofertiliser

Micro-organisms that colonize the rhizosphere; help increase the supply of soil nutrients to the plant

Dr. Fasal Crop Nutrition products
Micronutrient mixture

Improves chlorophyll formation, plant yields, and resistance to pests.

City compost

Bio-degradable organic fertilizer manufactured from citywaste including crop residues, vegetables, leaves, and fruit.

Zinc sulphate monohydrate

Vital for photosynthesis,
carbohydrate metabolism,
sucrose and starch formation.

Sulphur Bentonite

It is used as a secondary nutrient and also to correct alkaline soil problems.

Potash derived from molasses (PDM)

Manufactured from sugarcane molasses; several benefits for photosynthesis, plant growth and soil health.

Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM)

Improves physical and chemical properties of the soil for water holding capacity and micro-organism stimulation.

Zinc sulphate heptahydrate

Essential to root growth and several important enzyme systems in plants.

Calcium Nitrate

Important secondary nutrient with several benefits for plants.